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All management and operation control is on the Internet

- No need to run any CallShop software in the CallShop - And yet Q-CallShop
  has the most complete and best functional features for CallShop operation

- All call making, routing and billing are made in Q-CallShop Servers on the

- All calls transactions are documented in the Servers
    - No calls can be made without receipt of payment
    - All sell rates are set in the Servers

- Owner of Q-CallShop can monitor the business operation of individual
  Q-CallShops including the individual phonebooths calling activity using an
  Internet browser from anywhere in the world

Highest quality, most reliable carrier services

- Q-CallShop Servers currently support more than 1,000 Q-CallShops in some   70 countries

Supports 5 levels of management / user controls including Reseller, CallShop Owner, Manager and Operator

- each level with specific access privileges to management and operation

Complete Private Label Production of the managed service

- Reseller or CallShop Owner can have customized appearance of an original

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Internet Telephony 2004 Product of the Year 

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